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Valve maintenance on its way to the cloud

Valve maintenance on its way to the cloud

In the process industries, one of the most essential and yet overlooked assets is the control valves, most of which can be gotten at This reason is because if there is no reliable valve in operation, you will find it challenging to control most operations and this will result to an unwanted downtime.
The maintenance and operator technicians are knowledgeable about the training and knowledge regarding the use of control valve. The modern control valve positioners have moved to the digital controller which have ability to record several multitude of parameters which affect the operation of control valve, example include the travel stroke, electric supply as well as air supply.
The electrical as well as instrument teams do not receive enough training in this aspect which is complex and sophisticated and this prevents a proper diagnosis. Modern digital positioners more raw valves health data that the previous value but the user are having challenge with the sheer volume of the data which are available, and this makes it very difficult to get the appropriate value from the diagnosis which was obtained from the intelligent valve positioners. They likewise try their possible best so as to get the new work processes which is needed to get the full value from the valve positioners that are intelligent.

The best automation suppliers have also developed a control valve management system so as to address the gap as well as complexity which exist in the system. Yet there are several studies which reveal that the current practice by the industrial manufacturers is to ignore this feature and simply perform a regular maintenance or fix the control valve whenever there is a failure in the system. Thus, in controlling valves, reactive method is used and this result to a loss of production or a maintenance practices which is not properly schedules.

The appropriate predictive maintenance would necessitate the use of a proper look across different data sets which complement the reports given by the asset management. When more of the end users start recognizing the shortcoming of maintenance which are done periodically, they start turning to the supplier of the control valves for the maintenance service.  The expertise of the valve’s supplier will be supplemented with the monitoring which is done remotely so as to fill the existing gaps in the maintenance practices and also provide information which are relevant.

Some of the companies which have done an asset which have a good ranking may capture the signature of the valve signature for valves which are highly valuable, and this is shared with those that render service in order to aid the analysis through USB and email thumb drives. This method is excellent and also introduces cyber security issues which could threaten the integrity of the control system process.
Also, IIoT-enabled remote service as well as analytics introduces various kinds of options. The data connections which are encrypted with the aid of secure socket layer (SSL) over the internet provide the opportunity to analyze the data in the control valve and valve signatures as a service. A new form of technology has emerged thereby providing IIoT-enabled process analytics which is capable of reading and analyzing various kinds of asset data. The technology supplier have relevant skills for leveraging the cloud infrastructure services like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Service, and they are also accumulating expertise in-house or form partnership with other bodies so as to develop a perfect solution to plant assets.